Virtual Incubation

Virtual Incubation or incubation without walls provides location independent business tools and services to clients not residing inside the facilities of a business incubator. From uniting the global entrepreneurial ecosystem to extending the benefits of incubation to a much wider network of geographical area, virtual incubation is the most affordable way to incubate any early stage startups. Virtual Incubation serves best the purpose of those investors who seek the advice an incubator offers but want to maintain their own office. Turning ideas provides three month exhaustive virtual incubation program where we will hand hold the startups to survive the initial stages of business turmoils by offering them a wide range of services like idea validation, legal, financial and marketing assistance, monitoring support, technology support and brainstorming ideas.Turning ideas Virtual Incubation Program aims to help realize the dreams of entrepreneurs in those areas where the facilities of physical incubators still have not reached because we believe ideas are everywhere.

Duration of the program 3 Months Service fee INR 9999 + applicable taxes/per month.