10 reasons why most startups don’t scale (fail)

10 reasons why most startups don’t scale (fail)
  1. I am the first one: Most founders think their idea is unique and solves a very real business problem. This is because of a lack of research.
  2. We are techies: Most often the founding team starts with similar skills (e.g. two techies getting together and lack complementing skills which often leads to conflicts of opinion and lack of coverage of other aspects of starting up.
  3. We can do it part-time: No startup in the world (exceptions noted) have been successful unless founders are full time on the venture.
  4. Fear of funds: While it is important not to lose focus on financial support ecosystem to scale your startup idea but most often founders lose focus of the venture itself in the lookout for funding. They have a very minimal understanding of the use of proceeding (what will they do with the funding.
  5. What if I fail: Most startups don’t even attempt to try changes to their core idea in fear of failure.
  6. I checked with my friend: While friends can be a great bouncing board for your ideas but most often they will try to keep your spirits up. Most startups fail because they don’t have a real user community to give feedback.
  7. How will I make money:  While monetization is key to the success of any startups but monetization should not overshadow the problem being solved. A real solution to a genuine problem drives automatic monetization.
  8. I need a big office: While most startup bootstrap from their home but soon they are trapped in a showcase of their early success leading to improper planning of their financials.
  9. I want to launch big: It is important to test the idea and refine your solution before you reach out to a global or larger user base.
  10. I can do it alone: Last but not the least, while most startups start with one or two founders it is important to identify a like-minded team to scale and successfully bootstrap your venture.