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We help Enterprises to Innovate through startup Ecosystem

We help Enterprises to Innovate through startup Ecosystem

Who Says Elephants can’t dance

By Ashish Mittal

The constant need to innovate and lead in the world of business has become crucial for large enterprises, which means the need to frequently come up with something new and different to make an impact. But, the innovation and discovery process at a large enterprise can make be very rigid. The general thought is that one needs to run a big company differently than a startup, which is not entirely incorrect. For large enterprises planning to explore new lines of business with the approach of a startup, it can prove to build fresh ideas converting into progressive business operations.

Given that, it is important to understand the challenges that the big companies face today. Even with strong balance sheets and positive cash flows, enterprises are challenged with access to world class talents and have to deal with:

Approach for innovation in large enterprises

We help Enterprises Innovate without hampering the business as usual by working as partners for Innovation. With a focus to solve business problems and enhance existing product portfolio, a strong methodology to create a path of innovation is significant for large organisations that can hatch disruptive ideas.

Hence, the untamed approach helps constant churning of brilliant ideas that solves actual customer problem using disruptive products and highlighting them by creating a sporting benchmark.

Three “I” to Change.


The story of a business idea starts with a mould that gradually takes shape into something of value that is meant to create better opportunities for the mankind. Through that path, it solves customer issues, identifies their desires that have not even come out to realisation. Meeting the market and technical requirements, the idea finally launches itself into the real world. And that is what the enterprise startup program ideally has to focus on.

An environment has to be created for new ideas to establish themselves into the world of business and the contribution has to be provided to make that happen. Simulation programs can be conducted to encourage and motivate employees to manage real life business problems and come up with practical solutions. Every single person will be counted when they think of bringing positive changes into the world.


The true deal is to bring the word “implementation” into your personal friendly dictionary so that the ideas can be thrown out of mind and can be consumed as products by others. A fresh blueprint of a business idea makes a good difference.

In that very process, enterprises should build in-house working area and a team of expert proudly presenting themselves as market and technical professionals so that disruptive ideas can be checked in the real market to understand its feasibility, ergo, the next step can be decided.


How many situations have one seen where the business idea precisely hits itself and forms into something of perfection? An entire process of alteration is always expected out of every business venture, in a way that it meets the current market requirements in the best possible way. The process of planning and implementation has to be acted out to showcase the effects of new business enterprises in the era of innovation.