We believe that it takes a certain type of person to build a venture. We have a set of values that guide who we hire, and how we approach venture building:

Only scroll further if you:

• If you are not looking for fixed pay every month and working to create long term wealth
• Never stop looking for a better way of doing things; be curious
• Building businesses is fast-paced and fluid; be nimble
• Sharing knowledge and networks builds better businesses; be generous
• The best ideas aren’t always your own; seek diversity
• Decisions should be driven by analytics and customer insight; embrace data


Technology Lead - (Co founder)

This is Co-founder/ Entrepreneur role with no fixed salary and only for people looking to create long term wealth. A unique opportunity to join a core team that help convert startup Ideas to market ready products. As part of the team, you will be continually challenged and have an opportunity to contribute towards creating and scaling new startup Ideas working closely with the core team partners and startup founders.

Founder in residence (CEO)

Ready to work on a big idea with the support and backing of Turning Ideas Ventures? This is a opportunity designed to match unsuccessful/successful entrepreneurs with business ideas that we believe have the potential to be industry-changing.

Founder in residence (CTO)

The FIR/CTO opportunity with our team at TurningIdeas Venture is a 3-12 month opportunity designed to match technical entrepreneurs with business ideas that we believe have outsized potential. As the CTO, you’d build the product and your startup team.




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