Challenges Today

When you are an enterprise your have to focus on your core Business.

  • You focus on immediate business needs (like revenue).
  • We focus on finding innovative solutions that boost growth.
  • We help you see the larger picture while you don’t lose focus.

The focus is always on immediate business needs like revenue that innovation in product development can be missed. Seeing the larger picture while keeping your heads down is hard. That’s why we are here to help.

How do we help

  • We analyze your enterprise product/service landscape.
  • We provide innovative out of the box solutions to complement or disrupt current offerings.
  • We do the searching sorting and finding talent/products/services for you.

We analyze the landscape and provide out of the box innovative solutions to current problems and off the field searching for disruptive ideas. Think of us as the ones that do the searching and finding for you while you focus on the execution. We help you find talent that brings in new ideas. We don’t let your product stagnate. We make sure your eyes are on the prize but you have everything you need to succeed.

How do we work with enterprises

  • Engage with Enterprise to understand Innovation strategy.
  • Create innovation roadmap and plan.
  • Identify product/services gap and whitespace.
  • Create cohorts to discover startups and solutions.
  • Integrate these solutions with enterprise core.

Your success is our success

Idea is to help enterprise adopt a solution either to a problem or create additional revenue streams by introducing the new technology or solutions /disruptions in their existing business.

Success Stories

Helped largest lifestyle apprael provider to address the challenge of dropping footfall in their offline stores by identifying and integrating distruptive startup solution to drive offline shopper in-store engagement and increased footfall.

Supported one of the largest Cement manufacturer to address the problem of Order management by reducing the time from order to fulfillment from 36 hrs to less than a minute.


Engaged to drive innovation strategy by discovering and integrating disruptive diagnostic lab management solutions .

Innovate with Us