a. How does the incubation program works and how do you select a startup for your incubation program?

TurningIdeas Incubation Program helps startups from Ideation to MVP and scale their venture by helping them in Strategy, Sales, Product and Enterprise connect. We focus on creating commercially viable ventures.

b. How does the program work ?

Our Incubation program starts with reviewing the startup pitch followed by one on one meeting to understand the business problem and motivation behind solving the problem. Once we like the startup we engage in defining the role, responsibilities and terms hence we don't have one size fit all program for all startups because each startup have different needs.

c. How does TurningIdeas help in making startp successful ?

We only beleive that startups can be succesful only if they are creating scalable solutions for real problems and we help in validating the same by providing access to mentors, prospect customers and investor community to give candid feedback on your business idea.

d. If we don't choose to be part of incubation program, still can we avail TurningIdeas advisory and support ?

We are committed to help and scale startup ecosystem in India and globally hence you can reach out for one on one mentoring session at Whizdom Club in Delhi.

e. You said one of the key thing about this program is brining in synergies in Industry and Investor connects. In such a case , is the role limited to introduction or will work till the end of the closure of agreement with them.

Out team include professionals from various domain with deep experience and connect in ecoystem and can help in making right introductions and positioning of the Product we beleive every battle needs to be won on merit hence we help the startup with right connects but they need to own and drive the engagements.

f. What is the term of agreeement and program ?

Our agreements are for one year with clear deliverables defined and in case we are unable to meet those we return the equity in the venture.