Challenges in starting up

  • Building and scaling startups is hard.
  • You have to worry about setting up great teams while staying focused on the idea.
  • With limited resources, capital and talent making the right choices at every junction is critical.
  • We ensure you don’t lose steam.
  • We have 100 years of combined experience in building startups.
  • We are ex-leadership members of Google, EasemyGST, iXiGO, Zomato.
  • We advise, guide, build and ship products and ideas.

Building startups is hard. When you go out you have so many variables such as Technology, finance, strategy, operation you need to juggle and build on and it comes down to making the right choices in the limited amount of time and money you have. The right step is finding a partner who works with you and for you with their skin your vision. TurningIdeas has a team with over 100 years of combined experience in building startups. We have embedded ourselves in early startups like EasemyGST and iXiGo as central leadership but have also worked, advised and guided startups to rocket ship growth. We help startups know what they need to know in order to succeed. We help them find out The Who they need to work with and provide the How to work.

What working with us is like

  • We help find the right first customers for your product.
  • We help with Product Market Fit for your venture.
  • We help with the Go to Market strategy and fundraising.
  • We provide cross functional teams that help bolster startup teams.
  • You succeed in this hyper competitive environment with us.

A key area of focus for us is in helping startups identify the first set of customers to get the right feedback from. Finding the right Product Market Fit as well as customer centric design and utility is an area we pride ourselves in doing well. Important markers in the timeline of successful startups include understanding the Go to Market strategy and fundraising. Our experiences provide cross functional teams that help bolster startup teams to build the right products that they can take to the market and to the investors that will provide funding to succeed in this hyper competitive environment.

Engagement mode

  • We are very choosy when it comes to selecting startups we work with.
  • We only work with startups who have full-time founders.
  • We take 5% Equity and 5% revenue-share in return of 5 hrs/week mentoring support.

We are here to make Startups succeed. That’s our singular goal. We help them define their strategy to take their business global from day one. We provide executional support to connect them to the right stakeholders and partners, identify the right opportunities, find product market fit, get to the market and then refine a product based on the feedback. We plug ourselves into every part of the startups journey till we can successfully get them to generate self sustainable revenue. And that’s why we work with advisory strategic support and always take equity in exchange for our skin in the game. We don’t succeed unless startups we work with do.

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