We are
collective of

helping each other build new ventures

We co-create promising companies.
Our companies start:
1) with an amazing idea, or
2) with an amazing co-founder. We ideate, research, prototype, validate, and spin-off.

We provide top-tier core services such as strategy , design , MVP Tech. Our companies have full support: accounting, design, engineering, finance, HR, IT, and recruiting. Our co-founders focus on building the business. Our core experts handle the rest.


• We don’t take pitches (VC)
• We don’t take applications (accelerator)
• We don’t move slowly
The founding team of a startup, with the ambition to disrupt an industry, has three main things to worry about – validating the idea, building the product, looking after business operations and. Working with a venture builder means the first two are largely taken care of, leaving the team to focus on rapidly building a valuable business and taking it to market.

We invest our knowledge and experience, our ideas and our infrastructure. Working alongside entrepreneurs and co-founders, we support our ventures from startup to scale to exit, giving them access to the global networks and services they need to grow.

Lastly, we digitally transform companies and provide the technological foundations that allows them to stay ahead of their competition.


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